CITIZENARTS is a creator of educational programming in the form of substantive, entertaining documentaries, theatrical works and books.

Through our programs, we seek to bring thought-provoking information to the dialogue about important civic, political, economic, social and cultural issues. Our ultimate goal is to engender harmonious interaction and creative thinking around sometimes contentious and complex subjects. The audience for CITIZENARTS programs most often represents upper high school and university-level students, educators, public policy groups and the business community. For a list of our current affiliations with universities and other entities in the U.S., Asia and Europe, please click here

Our programs are presented in public forums and are frequently part of class curriculums, lectures and panels — where they complement coursework. They are produced to spark audience discussion immediately after the presentations -- and they do! Exchanges are led by CITIZENARTS along with faculty, students and others. They explore themes presented in the programs in the context of experiences/attitudes of the audience, and are frank, impassioned and enlightening.

Programs currently being presented include the documentaries A More — or Less — Perfect Union, Journey with the Giant and To the Mountaintops, along with the theatrical work, MARCH. Other educational documentary projects in the works include the documentaries Pacific Rendezvous, a look at the critically important relationship between China and the US as told by the people of those countries, and Whither Europe?, an exploration of Europe’s future global role. We are also forming collaborations with universities that enable undergraduate and graduate students to participate in CITIZENARTS projects as part of ongoing coursework.

CITIZENARTS is a non-commercial endeavor that draws inspiration and guidance from an international Advisory Council and growing corps of volunteers in the U.S., Asia and Europe. We are self-funding, independent and objective, and are not affiliated with any political, government or religious entity. Typically, we do not charge fees for our presentations. Honorariums and/or travel stipends are appreciated if funding is available.

For information about whom to contact to bring CITIZENARTS presentations to a school, organization or other venue, please click here.