George Nethercutt

George, a lawyer in Washington State, was elected to Congress from Washington’s 5th Congressional District and served ten consecutive years on the House Appropriations Committee and House Science Committee. He was US Chairman of the Permanent Joint Board on Defense (US/Canada), and was a member of a congressionally mandated panel to study the ability of the U.S. to withstand a mass attack. He authored legislation to end the embargo on food and medicine for Cuba and to secure more diabetes medical research, and championed legislation to bolster America’s national defenses. He was honored with numerous legislative awards from free market, agricultural and taxpayer protection organizations.

Currently, George serves as Chairman of the George Nethercutt Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students receive better civics education. He is Of Counsel with Lee & Hayes, an international law firm focused on intellectual property and heads its Government Relations Practice Group. He also serves on numerous other nonprofit boards as well as two for-profit corporate Boards of Directors.

George served as President of the Spokane County Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and as a member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Board of Directors, and now serves as a JDRF Chancellor. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Dutch JDRF Affiliate in Holland.

George has authored two books, writes a monthly column for a Spokane weekly newspaper and one for a daily newspaper in Washington, DC, has written op-eds for national newspapers and has appeared frequently on national television news programs commenting on issues of the day. He is the producer of the television series, “US History by the Minute,” and records frequent radio commentaries for eastern Washington State distribution. He  is currently distributing a web app nationally in support of civic learning for all Americans.

He is a graduate of Washington State University and Gonzaga School of Law, and holds two honorary Doctorate awards.