Hong Liu

Hong is an educator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. As an educator, she teaches math in McGlynn Middle School in Medford, Massachusetts. She created the Math on Monday radio program and Math Power Club at the school as part of her mission to broaden student interest in math. Hong is also the Principal and a teacher at Chung Wah Academy of New England, a  Chinese language school in Boston’s Chinatown.  She was an Instructor of Economics at Northeastern University in Boston, where she pursued a PH.D degree. 

Hong owns and operates two well-known boutique hotels in Cambridge, A Friendly Inn at Harvard and A Cambridge House. She also operates two residential properties there, the Scholars House and Professor House. She is a member of the Harvard Square Business Association and Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. She was awarded the Small Business Immigrant Achievement award by the Immigrant Learning Center in Massachusetts. 

Hong has been active in promoting understanding and friendship across countries and cultures. She founded and sponsors the China Center at Northeastern University — which presents special lectures related to Chinese history and world relations --and is a member of and donor to Primary Source, a nonprofit education institute in Massachusetts that focuses on updating social studies curriculum for K-12 school grades. She is also a member and donor to the Richard Nixon Foundation.  Hong has extensive experience working in diplomacy. After graduating from Beijing University of Foreign Studies, she worked in the international relations department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. She also worked as a language officer for the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal and as a research fellow at London School of Economics, where she co-authored a working paper on Social Security and the One Child Policy in China, which was published by World Bank.